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Conference anouncement

Translating Wittgenstein

On April 23rd to 24th, 2010, the Institute for the Study of Culture Heidelberg and the Institute for Philosophy of the University of Vienna host an international conference on ‚Translating Wittgenstein’. Conference venue: Institute for Philosophy, University of Vienna, Austria.

Even if one starts from the assumption that philosophical texts are in principle trans-
latable, the simplest expressions and thoughts already pose enormous difficulties. These difficulties arise not only due to different shades of meaning or matters of terminology, there are concrete incommensurabilities, for instance for concepts like “Geist” (“spirit/ mind”), “Dasein” (“Dasein”), “Leib” (“body”) but also with terms denoting media like “Bild” (“picture/image/representation”), “Darstellung” (“demonstation/exposition/presentation”) or “Satz” (“sentence/proposition”). Ludwig Wittgenstein famously aimed to bring words back from their metaphysical to their everyday use. Thus due to his strife for simplicity of expression and comprehensibility, his use of language poses highest demands on the translation of his writings, demands which have not always been met. This symposium will focus on the concrete example of translating Wittgenstein’s writings in order to highlight the difficulties in translating philosophical texts but also to shed light on the scope of a philosophy of translation. Furthermore, Wittgenstein’s own thoughts concerning the problem of translation and their bearing on recent research in translation theory will be discussed.

Hosts: Dr. Matthias Kroß (Institute for the Study of Culture Heidelberg), Dr. Esther Ramharter (University of Vienna).

Speakers: James Conant, Dilek Dizdar, Marco Brusotti, Joachim Schulte, Alfred Nordmann, Christoph König, Mélika Ouelbani, Martin Kusch, Katalin Neumer.

Programme (as of February 2010)

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