NeuroImpact – Today's Neurosciences and Their Effects (NINE)

The NINE project looks at areas of research that adapt neuroscientific knowledge and neurotechnologies to their own ends without following an empirical and descriptive – rather than an hermeneutic and interpretative – agenda themselves. From a comparative perspective, the project examines the ways the neurosciences and their applications are appropriated in interdisciplinary work in neuropoetics, neuroaesthetics, and neuroethics. It also considers the effects of the neurosciences on society and culture from a reflective science-and-technology point of view.

Project management: Dirk Hommrich (Heidelberg)

Group members: Elisabeth Gamer (Zürich), Christian Grüny (Witten/Herdecke), Guido Isekenmeier (Stuttgart), Jens Kertscher (Heidelberg), Hanne Loreck (Hamburg), Louise Röska-Hardy (Essen), Fabian Rohden (Lethbridge, CAN)

German version